Pakistani actors trapped in Thailand, appeal for help to the government

Pakistani actors trapped in Thailand, appeal for help to the government

Posted on Apr 6, 2020

The shooting of Ishrat Made in China, directed by Pakistan's renowned actor Mohib Mirza, was underway in Thailand since February, but 21 people have been trapped there due to a ban on flights due to the Coronavirus.

The actors in the cast of the film, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Sara Loren, and Shamoon Abbasi, also did not return home due to a lockdown caused by the Coronavirus.

The government had approved sending flights to some countries to bring back the trapped Pakistanis, but the Thai name was not included in the list.

Actress Sanam Saeed spoke in this regard, saying that "Pakistanis trapped in some countries will be brought back from April 3 to 11, but Bangkok's name is not on this list, so we are stuck here till then." The embassy does nothing in this regard, we are in contact with the Pakistani ambassador to Bangkok. '

The actress added, "Right now they are calculating how many Pakistanis are trapped in Thailand who have to go back. When the right number is estimated, they will take us back. Currently, the number has reached 100. '.

According to Sanam Saeed, "Currently, the cast and other teams of the film are present and safe in our hotel and everyone has taken the social distance. But now we are close to running out of resources".

Actor Shamoon Abbasi also released a video in which he made it clear that the film team will take all precautions after returning to Pakistan.

In his video, he added, "We request Prime Minister Imran Khan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, and Asad Umar to focus on bringing us back to Pakistan, or find a way through which we can safely return".

"We want to come back to Pakistan, our families are there, no matter what the situation is there," he added.

According to Shamoon Abbasi, he is appealing to the government of Pakistan on behalf of 100 Pakistanis trapped in Thailand.

On the other hand, film director Mohib Mirza also released a video on Instagram in this regard

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In this video, he said, "We are in an area of Thailand which is 3 hours away from Bangkok. Ever since we finished shooting our film here, we are waiting to come back to Pakistan, we Staying in a hotel is a few more days and with the passing of 21 people will find it difficult to stay longer.

He further said that the government of Pakistan should help him and manage his team's return.

According to Mohib Mirza, he will return to Pakistan and take all precautions.

It is to be noted that the release of 'Ishrat Made in China', directed by Mohib Mirza, is expected this year.


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