Pakistan Agrees to Payments, Risk of Google Services Shutdown in the Country Averted

Pakistan Agrees to Payments, Risk of Google Services Shutdown in the Country Averted

Posted on Dec 2, 2022

The Federal Ministry of Finance accepted the proposal of Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haque and agreed to pay Google.

It should be noted that in some reports that came out in the past few days, it was said that the facility of downloading paid Google applications and other services through mobile phones would not be available in Pakistan from December 1, 2022.

Today, IT Minister Aminul Haque said in his ongoing statement that the Ministry of Finance had accepted the proposal of the Ministry of IT, and the Ministry of Finance has agreed to pay Google, after which the payment can be made as per the schedule.

The ongoing statement states that Special Assistant on Finance Tariq Bajwa contacted the Minister of IT and Telecommunication Aminul Haque.

In his statement on Twitter, the IT Minister said that paid Google apps will not be closed, issued instructions to the State Bank to delay the implementation of the policy for a month, and allowed telecom operators to implement the payment method. The time of the month was given.

Aminul Haque said that within a month, the IT Ministry, Finance, and State Bank would formulate a plan of action in mutual consultation. A letter was written to give the time frame; I am grateful to the Finance Minister and Special Assistant to Prime Minister Tariq Bajwa for the timely decision.

It should be noted that the trend of 'Google Play Store on Twitter reached the top on November 26 across the country when news appeared in the media that the services of Google Play Store are likely to be stopped in the country from December 1, after which the Ministry of IT had said that even after December 1, the free facilities of Google Play stores would continue in the country.

Payments by mobile service providers to global internet technology firms have been halted due to changes in the Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) mechanism by the Central Bank, which is likely to result in some delays from December 1, 2022. Services of the Applications may be affected in Pakistan.

The news of the closure of Google Play Stores in Pakistan on November 26 stated that the State Bank had directed global companies, including Facebook owner Meta, Amazon, Google, and other companies, to direct carrier billing. Payments could not be made, due to which the service of Play Store is likely to be shut down in the country after December 1.

However, the Ministry of Information Technology said that even after December 1, free applications could be downloaded in the country.

These reports claimed that free Google applications and other free services would be available; it was reported that the State Bank had canceled payments of $3.4 million to foreign service providers, after which the IT department and A dispute arose between the State Bank.

After this news came out, the State Bank of Pakistan denied stopping payments to the largest Internet company Google, terming them as baseless and misleading, saying that some services have been changed in the case of global purchases.


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