Our Cricket Is Run on Icc Funds, It Is Scary to Think, Rameez Raja

Our Cricket Is Run on Icc Funds, It Is Scary to Think, Rameez Raja

Posted on Oct 6, 2021

Rameez Raja, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), is concerned that our sport is overly reliant on financing from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

PCB Chairman Rameez Raja, who was in Karachi for a visit, went to the Pakistan Stock Exchange and rang the traditional bell to open trading. Rameez Raja promised to boost the cricket economy in the coming year during his speech at the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Rameez Raja stated that one lesson he has learned from New Zealand and England's exit is to build the cricket economy. If we have money, they will be interested in coming here, and these individuals will not be able to utilise us and toss it away.  He expressed his fear that our cricket is run on ICC finances or is becoming more reliant on it, and that the ICC may always say, "Take ten rupees instead of 100, not money." Yes, we'll need to devise a contingency plan for that as well.

The Chairman of the Karachi PCB stated that Karachi merchants also want to invest in cricket, but many traders are unaware of the roadmap; thus, we have come to inform them on how to earn from investing in cricket. It may be noted that the Pakistan Cricket Board was offered a five-star hotel near the National Stadium by well-known Karachi businessmen.

PCB Chairman Rameez Raja also met with business leaders in Karachi at the office of prominent businessman Aqeel Karim Dhedi, where they addressed cricket-related matters such as domestic cricket and the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The PCB also resolved to recruit the assistance of traders in order to compete with India in economic areas relating to cricket, and the traders assured the Chairman of the PCB that they would provide all possible assistance in this respect.

It should be mentioned that the New Zealand cricket team abandoned their visit to Pakistan last month just hours before the opening one-day match due to security concerns. He was adamant about not sending women's teams to Pakistan. The tour has been cancelled, according to the New Zealand Cricket Board, which stated that the Black Caps had postponed their tour of Pakistan due to a security alert issued by the New Zealand government.

New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White said, "Given the suggestions we've heard, it's not possible to continue this tour." In October, England denied a planned visit of Pakistan, saying, "In the current circumstances, we have chosen to withdraw both the men's and women's teams with extreme hesitation from the tour."

The England team was scheduled to visit Pakistan for a two-match T20 series next month. The English Cricket Board said in a statement: "Was also approved."

The English Cricket Board (ECB) had summoned a meeting this weekend to discuss these additional matches for the men's and women's teams, and we affirm that we were hesitant to visit both teams, according to the ECB. I made the decision to resign.


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