Omar Sharif's Body Reached Karachi

Omar Sharif's Body Reached Karachi

Posted on Oct 6, 2021

Umar Sharif, Pakistan's legendary actor and comedian who was termed the "uncrowned king" of humour, died in Germany and his body landed in Karachi via Istanbul.

Umar Sharif's remains was transported from Nuremberg to Munich yesterday, and then flown to Istanbul, Turkey. Umar Sharif, the undisputed king of humour, has passed away. Umar Sharif's widow, Zarin Ghazal, and German Consul General Amjad Ali have also arrived in Karachi carrying his remains.

According to aviation officials, Umar Sharif's remains were handed over to his family at the airport cargo terminal. His son Jawad Umar and other friends were present when the body came. The provincial information minister, Saeed Ghani, was also present at the Karachi airport to accept Umar Sharif's remains. After the operation, Umar Shariff's body was covered in the national flag and brought from the airport to the Edhi mortuary.

Umar Sharif's prayers will be conducted today at 3 p.m. in Umar Sharif Park Clifton Block 2, after which he will be buried in Abdullah Shah Ghazi Cemetery, according to a tweet by Saeed Ghani. Maulana Sharif's funeral prayers will be performed by Maulana Bashir Farooqi on Wednesday at 3 p.m. in Umar Sharif Park (Clifton Block 2), which is named after him, according to presenter Waseem Badami.

Zarin Ghazal, the actor's widow, had earlier claimed that Mufti Taqi Usmani would offer Umar Sharif's funeral prayers, which he had also promised to perform. Last night, Pakistan's ambassador to Germany, Dr Muhammad Faisal, tweeted that Umar Sharif's body, along with his widow, Zarrin Ghazal, would be sent home on a Turkish Airlines flight.

As previously reported, Umar Sharif died on the afternoon of October 2 while seeking treatment at a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany. He was being evacuated from Karachi to the United States on September 28 when his condition in Germany deteriorated, and he was hospitalised there.

In two days, Umar Sharif's body is expected to arrive in Pakistan. On October 4, Umar Sharif's body was held for two days at a Newburgh hospital before being turned over to Pakistani embassy employees and heirs, after which the local authority issued a death certificate.

Umar Sharif's funeral prayers were held in Nuremberg on October 4, and his remains was anticipated to be returned home by the evening of October 6.


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