No 'private Relationship' With Asim Azhar, We Are Just Friends, Hania Amir

No 'private Relationship' With Asim Azhar, We Are Just Friends, Hania Amir

Posted on Jul 14, 2020

Actress and model Hania Aamir, who as of featured in singer Asim Azhar's song 'Tum Tum', has been supposed for quite a while to have a relationship with Asim Azhar. The two have been seen together a few times previously, prompting the hypothesis that they might be planning to get marinade. Also, in April this year, singer Aima Baig had asked Hania Amir during an Instagram live chat without hesitation that fans are asking when she is marrying Asim Azhar.

When asked by Aima Baig, Hania Amir postponed the matter and said that she is still a girl, so how can she get married. However, she did not explicitly mention her relationship with Asim Azhar at the time. But now, once again, she has spoken openly about her relationship with the singer during an Instagram live chat with Aima Baig.

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In the most recent video of Hania Amir and Aima Baig, which became famous online via web-based networking media, the on-screen character can be heard transparently discussing her relationship with Asim Azhar. In a short video, Hania Amir admits that she and singer Asim Azhar are best friends, but at the same time she clarified that there is no 'they' relationship between them. Hania Amir said that she and Asim Azhar do not have a couple of relationships and they have never met each other like this and they do not see each other like this.

The actress explained that however, they are still best friends and they continue to help each other. The actress said that she recently appeared in Asim Azhar's song and these days singers are helping her in a project. Some fans were also upset over the actress's confession of friendship and denial of a relationship with Asim Azhar and asked what the actress meant.

It may be recalled that in the recently released song of Asim Azhar, Hania Amir was criticized for her bold dress and she was also urged to dress in accordance with Pakistani and Islamic traditions and culture.


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