Nadia Jamil's first surgery successful after diagnosis of breast cancer

Nadia Jamil's first surgery successful after diagnosis of breast cancer

Posted on Apr 7, 2020

Pakistan's leading actress Nadia Jameel recently revealed on social media that she has suffered breast cancer, but now after the surgery, the actress also shared a selfie for her fans.

Nadia Jamil wrote on social networking site Twitter, "Smiling image for my fans on Twitter after surgery, thank you for all your prayers and love, your heart is huge and I am indeed very fortunate".

He further wrote that "In 2 weeks lymph node biopsy will be decided on chemotherapy and radiation, I am suffering, getting strong, thank you for today".

In a post shared on Instagram, the actress said that due to the coronavirus, she felt that she would have to wait 6 months for surgery, but fortunately, a hospital slot was left open for her surgery.

The actress also wrote that she was feeling better and thinking positively.

According to Nadia Jamil, she is taking care of her health and from now on she will pay special attention to her diet.

Remember that Nadia Jameel revealed a few days ago that 'I was diagnosed with cancer last week, I have been treated twice in four days'.

He further wrote that for the past few days they have been suffering from mixed feelings like sadness, fear, love, peace, acceptance, patience and thanksgiving while in the meantime they have to take responsibility for their children, parents, their loved ones and themselves.

In another tweet, Nadia Jameel said, 'Breast is the first stage of cancer and the third grade of the tumor is necessary for women to have regular self-examination. If you find any abnormality in you, then immediately Get checked, I am waiting for my surgery date and I am very positive, you are not too worried and take care of yourself. '

Actress Nadia Jameel is very active in her career as well as in the welfare work.

While many women in Pakistan face severe criticism over the adoption of children, actress Nadia Jameel has set a new example by adopting two children.


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