Nadia Jameel is upset with 'Nadra' for not making the legal documents.

Nadia Jameel is upset with 'Nadra' for not making the legal documents.

Posted on Sep 7, 2022

Actress Nadia Jamil has expressed regret over the delay in making the legal documents of her adopted daughter by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), alleging that it has been a long time since she applied for the documents.

Nadia Jamil, sharing a picture of herself with her adopted daughter Noori on Instagram, also mentioned Nadra in the post and requested the agency to prepare her daughter's legal documents as soon as possible.

The actress said that she had submitted the required documents and application for her daughter's guardianship papers, but NADRA has not yet prepared a single paper for her daughter.

Nadia Jamil said that from NADRA, she needs her daughter's 'B' form and other legal documents to prove that she is Noori's sponsor.

The actress said her daughter needs a medical check-up and will get her checked by an eye doctor in the UK next October.

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She also wrote in her post that no mother should be separated from her child; it has been more than a year since she saw her daughter.

Nadia Jamil said that she is in the UK with her other four children while her daughter is with her mother in Pakistan, and she wants to take her to the UK for a medical examination. Still, NADRA has not yet received her legal documents. 

The actress also revealed that she appealed to everyone she knew or had relations with NADRA for help in preparing legal documents, but still, her problem was not resolved.

Nadia Jamil expressed hope that NADRA will solve her case soon and provide her daughter's legal documents soon.

It should be noted that Nadia Jamil has no children of her own; she has adopted five children even before Noori, whom she is raising.

Two days ago, she also shared a picture taken with all her children, in which she said that her eldest son Sabir has turned 17 and has recently passed his matriculation. He was adopted at the age of 4.

The actress said that her other son Ali Rashid has also grown up and he is interested in becoming an actor.

According to her, her third son Azad is seven years old, while her fourth son, Talha Inam, who was adopted when his mother was killed in a drone attack, has also matured.

The actress said that her fifth son Ali Shakir has also become wise and wants to make his name famous by completing his education.

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