Nada Yasir Faces Criticism for Showing 'mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law' Quarrels

Nada Yasir Faces Criticism for Showing 'mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law' Quarrels

Clips of Nida Yasir old show have recently gone viral on social media, with most women sharing and criticizing the host, claiming that she is spreading her domestic problems in the society in the form of a morning show. The women shared a clip of Nida Yasir show and strongly criticized him and expressed their strong displeasure over the content of the show and demanded closure of the Morning Show.

Some women, while sharing the clip of their show, took her by the hand and said that the content of their morning show is substandard but now they have gone to extremes and also hurt women's freedom, domestic issues and personal dignity. Most social media users criticized him and demanded a ban on his show.

However, some people wrote while sharing clips of their show that although it is inappropriate, but it is also a fact of society that nowadays every mother needs an educated, fair-skinned girl as a bride for her son. Fans shared video clips of Nida Yasir shows and criticized her, which was aired on October 27 last month, inviting mother-in-laws and daughters-in-law from four different walks of life.

The program featured a woman who got married through the Marriage Bureau, a woman who got married for love, a cousin's daughter-in-law and a woman and her mother-in-law who got married to a neighbor and a neighbor. There were also four well-known actresses in the program who listened to the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law's quarrels and decided on them, who instead of calling anyone wrong, persuaded them to go together.

The mother-in-law of the four sections who participated in the program complained about her daughters-in-law and said that they do not take care of the house. Surprisingly, the mother-in-law of all four classes, while stacking her daughters-in-law's complaints, said that neither her daughter-in-law knows how to prepare food nor does she take proper care of the house and children. In the program, the four daughters-in-law were seen admitting that they had not learned the basics of family affairs before they got married.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however, when the mother-in-law, who is looking for a daughter-in-law through the Marriage Bureau, was quoted as saying that although her daughter-in-law is well-educated and handsome, she has no household chores and no one in her house. Is interested

The mother-in-law, who was looking for a daughter-in-law through the Marriage Bureau, said that her son was well-educated and well-to-do. The mother-in-law said she had already told the marriage bureau to find a girl who was not interested in a job but was educated. According to the mother-in-law, although her daughter-in-law is literate, but unfortunately she does not know how to take care of the house, nor can she take care of the house or cook.

In the program, even the beautiful daughter-in-law, who was literate on her mother-in-law's complaints, was seen admitting that she did not know how to go home, as she had not learned anything like that in her parents' house before marriage. The daughter-in-law said that before marriage, she devoted her full time to studies, because of which she could not learn things at home and after marriage, she is slowly learning things from her father-in-law.

Nada Yasir is being severely criticized for showing the domestic issues and quarrels of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the program. This is not the first time that Ndayasir has done a show on mother-in-law and daughter-in-law issues. In addition, they have been criticized for making inappropriate shows on controversial and sensitive issues and have been asked to ban them in the past.

While his morning show 'Good Morning Pakistan' has become the most controversial show, it is also one of the most watched shows.


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