Nabil Qureshi and Fiza Ali Mirza Together for 'Lyari Gang War'

Nabil Qureshi and Fiza Ali Mirza Together for 'Lyari Gang War'

Posted on Jul 23, 2020

The last few years have seen an increase in the trend of making web series in Pakistan, as well as other countries and now well-known filmmakers Nabil Qureshi and Fiza Ali Mirza, have also announced to make web series. In the past, the two filmmakers have done great films like 'Unknown Persons', 'Actor in Law', 'Unknown Persons 2' and 'Load Wedding' together and their fifth film 'Quaid-e-Azam Zinda Bad' is also ready for release. 

However, both the filmmakers announced to make a web series on the subject of curiosity in Pakistan. For the past few days, there have been rumors that Nabil Qureshi will soon start making a web series on 'Lyari Gang War', but now he has confirmed it.

Nabil Qureshi confirmed in his tweet that he and Fiza Ali Mirza will soon start shooting for a web series on the 'Lyari Gang War'. The filmmaker also shared a news link in his tweet, in which he said that he had been working on a plan to make a web series for a long time but it is being announced now.

Nabil Qureshi told Lollywood Galaxy that the story of the web series on the 'Lyari Gang War' was written by Ali Abbas and Basit Naqvi. The web series will be released under the banner of Filmwala Productions and will be released on a web streaming website in Pakistan. The filmmaker did not specify when the web series would be released and on which streaming website, but said it was likely to start shooting next winter.

The filmmaker did not provide any information about the cast of the web series nor did he say anything about its story. There are reports that the main story of the web series will revolve around the criminal gangs of 'Lyari Gang War', however, the comedy will also be included in the web series and at the same time, the politics of Karachi is also likely to be touched in this film.


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