Meera's Social Media Account Has Been Hacked

Meera's Social Media Account Has Been Hacked

Lollywood actress Meera, who has been in the news since her various statements, has said that her social media account has been hacked and she cannot recover it.

Actress Meera said, "Meera social media account has been hacked. I have been trying to recover the account for several months." Continuing her speech, actress Meera said that she will now contact Cyber ​​Crime to get her social media to account recorded.

The actress made the statement while talking to private channel Geo News while participating in a tree-planting campaign of a private institute. Addressing the tree planting campaign, the actress also announced to plant 5,000 saplings a year.

She also talked about the coronavirus and said that the coronavirus caused me a lot of damage during Meera stay in the United States. "Children should not go to school during the coronavirus epidemic. If I had children, in those circumstances, I would never send them to school," she said.

In April this year, Dakara Meera released a video in which she appealed to the Pakistani government to repatriate her because she did not want to die in New York because of the coronavirus. "I have no savings and it is difficult for me to stay here," she added.

In her video, the actress said, "New York is becoming a graveyard, thousands are dying every day, death is coming to everyone, but I don't want to die in a foreign country."

Regarding her upcoming project, Meera said that she will now be seen acting in a new telefilm. However, he did not give any details about the subject of his telefilm and its release date.

It may be recalled that actress Meera appeared on cinema screens with her film 'Baji' last year. Along with the story of this film, Meera's performance was also highly appreciated. She later revealed in an interview that she was working on a film under the banner of her production company, the story of which she had written herself.

The actress had announced that the cast of her film will be revealed soon.

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