My Name Is Gohar Jan

My Name Is Gohar Jan

In the early twentieth century, gramophone recording companies attracted Asian countries and began recording artists' voices for business purposes.
In this period, gramophone recordings were also being discussed in India and artists were giving much importance to them.
Taking advantage of this, British, American, French and German companies also launched a campaign to publicize gramophone here.
It was 1898 when a London-based company first launched a gramophone recording program in India.
An agent was selected for this work, while an expert named Frederick William Gasberg was sent to Calcutta by the company.

During the first few weeks, the recording was limited to a few Anglo-Indian voices and no Indian artist's voice could be recorded, but with the help of various local figures, this English expert accessed music concerts and theatres and helped the singers. Heard it, however, did not make any noise, That is to say, he could not select an artist for the recording, but his search and run did not go unnoticed.

Gohar Jan's voice was echoing in all major cities of India these days. They were popular in every way. Incidentally, this expert and company representative of the gramophone got a chance to listen to Gohar Jan and met him and offered him a recording. For this, the financial affairs of the singer were settled and he was summoned for recording in Calcutta on November 14, 1902.

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Gohar Jan made his voice magical in Raag Jogiya. He says that he got ready for this recording at 9 am, arriving at the hotel with his jewellery maker. The duration of this record was three minutes. That was a very important and memorable day for Gohar Jan and his associates.

At this time, the singer is instructed to play a sentence in English at the end, in order to preserve a record and to label it. The same instruction was given to Gohar Jan and he paused for a few seconds at the end of his recording.

My name is Gohar Jan
This was the phrase that was directed and with the help of it was possible to identify the safest voice in the record.
Gohar Jan was the first Indian singer to record his voice over the gramophone.


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