My life changed after performing with Abida Parveen

My life changed after performing with Abida Parveen

Posted on Jan 10, 2020

'My life changed after performing with Abida Parveen'
Everyone knows how talented Pakistan's renowned singer Ali Sethi is, but when it comes to his memorable performances, the first thing that comes to his mind is his recital of 'Aba' with Parveen.

Ali Sethi performed in 'Season 9' with Abida Parveen in Coke Studio's 9th season in 2016, which fans adored.


By the way, Ali Sethi looks quite enthusiastic, but during this performance, he remains serious as if nervous.

The singer told Dawn in an interview that he was not only nervous but also terrified.

Ali Sethi said, "I was going to perform with someone I was not only impressed with but he is an artist who has never performed on stage with anyone, he alone is enough."

The singer added, "One day before this performance I was talking to my band that we are there with so many musical instruments, yet we can't even half of them, they have only music There were 4 instruments, including harmonium and Drum, no guitar, no drums, just the sound of them, whether it was 10,000 viewers or a million could be seen by everyone. '

Ali Sethi confirmed that those performances were very difficult for him and said 'I had to work hard so that I could fit their voice, it was difficult but somehow I performed'.

"It was a great opportunity for me to perform with Abida Parveen, and those performances changed my life," he said.

According to the singer, even after 4 years today, when he thinks about this performance, he feels that it was his unique performance, even today when he listens to the song he likes it anytime. Not even thought of changing.

It is to be noted that last year Ali Sethi released 6 songs, two of which were in choke studio songs and he plans to release more songs in 2020 than last year.


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