Muneeb Butt's explanation on the statement that 'wife should be afraid of her husband's second marriage'

Muneeb Butt's explanation on the statement that 'wife should be afraid of her husband's second marriage'

He clarified that the statement by popular actor Muneeb Butt regarding ladies being afraid of their husband's second marriage was made in fun.

Muneeb Butt and actress Amar Khan appeared on Nida Yasir's morning show 'Good Morning Pakistan' two days before the premiere of his new drama 'Baddaa.' Muneeb Butt and Nida Yasir discussed being terrified of something in life during a conversation on the same show, and the video of the exchange has gone viral on social media.

"What are you afraid of?" Muneeb Butt asks in the video. Nida Yasir responds with a grin, "I'm scared my husband will not remarry." Muneeb Butt can be heard on the video responding to Nida Yasir's statements by adding, "This should be terror, this fear should be every woman, and so she should take care of her husband."

Muneeb Butt goes on to say in the film that "a lady should love her spouse so much that his mind does not wander." After the video went viral on social media, Muneeb Butt provided an explanation. He shared the video with the caption, "This is a video clip that has been misinterpreted by several websites."

Muneeb Butt said that the talk was not serious because it was obvious that we were joking, and I joked that you should be terrified and love your husband more. He lamented the misinterpretation of his statement, saying, "Choosing a tape to attack my reputation and using it in multiple situations is not journalism."

"I don't believe women should live in continual fear of their husbands abandoning them," the actor continued. "I am a husband, and I love my wife, and she loves me back, and that is the foundation of our relationship," Muneeb Butt said. "All of the pages who share these clips should check the facts before spreading such harmful stuff," he continued.

"I also joked that people give different hues to objects," Nida Yasir said in a comment on the same article.


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