Movie offering to Indian woman constable suspended for making Tik Tok videos

Movie offering to Indian woman constable suspended for making Tik Tok videos

Posted on Mar 11, 2020

Indian woman police constable Alpita Chaudhary, who was suspended for making videos on the video-sharing application 'Tik Tok', has claimed that she has been offered to work in films.

Constable Alpita Chaudhary, who made videos on duty at a police station in Mahasana district of the Indian state of Gujarat, was suspended in July last year when some of her videos went viral.

In Alpita Chaudhary's viral videos, she could be seen singing inside the police station and dancing with Lockup.

Although his videos were inappropriate, he was suspended for duty due to allegations of negligence, but was later reinstated but did not finish uploading videos to 'Tik Tok'.

Alpita Chaudhary was making videos for 'Tik Tok' despite her suspension and during her suspension, she showed modelling with a Gujarati singer in a video 'Tik Tok Ki Deewani' and her modelling was greatly appreciated. ۔

However, he has now claimed that he has been offered to work in films.

According to the Times of India, Alpita Chaudhary claimed that she has been offered work in several films but she has not yet decided whether or not to act in the films and she is waiting for the permission of her superiors.

According to Alpita Chaudhary, she has been offered only work in Gujarati films till now and she has sought permission from her superiors to work in films and it is only after her decision whether she should act in films or not. Will make a decision about what to do.

He said that since childhood he was fond of showing his essence in showbiz, he was also interested in acting, including singers, but due to his father's wishes, he became a police constable.

Alpita Chaudhary said that because her father was also a police officer, she wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps, so she joined the police on a fixed salary but they were fond of her. Also suspended for fulfilment.

Alpita Chaudhary said that if she was allowed by her superiors, she would definitely work in the movies. The Tik Tok-star claimed to have offered the movie at a time when she had a musician three days ago. The video was released that went viral while watching.

In the Gujarati language music video titled 'Kachi Keri, Paki Kari', Alpita Chaudhary along with other models also got flashed and the song was greatly appreciated for its bold style.


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