Mohsin Abbas is Coming Back

Mohsin Abbas is Coming Back

Posted on Nov 21, 2019

Pakistan's renowned actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of sexually harassing and cheating by his ex-wife in July this year, following which Mohsin Abbas Haider's career was severely damaged.

Not only the public was criticized by the actor, but also celebrities from the showbiz industry appeared against him.

Mohsin Abbas Haider had to wash his show off the night after the allegations, and he did not appear to be working on a project in those three months.

However, the actor is now re-entering the show with his new song. Mohsin Abbas Haider's new song 'Rooh' is being released soon, which the poster actor shared on his Instagram account.

The singer and actor also shared videos of some famous actors promoting their songs in which they were seen encouraging them.

Actors promoting the song include Nauman Ijaz, Nushin Shah, and Nimra Khan.

It is to be noted that in July this year, Mohsin Abbas's wife Fatima Sohail accused Mohsin Abbas of having sex with another model through a Facebook post.

Mohsin Abbas Haider, through a press conference, dismissed the allegations as baseless.

Later, the two went to court against each other after which they divorced

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