Men Get Terrified When They See Me, Rebel Wilson

Men Get Terrified When They See Me, Rebel Wilson

Australian-born Hollywood actress and comedian Rebel Wilson have said that men are terrified when they see her and such men think that in a few moments they will think about their personality. In an exclusive interview with the British newspaper The Independent, Rebel Wilson said that she started gaining weight rapidly due to hormonal imbalance during her high school education and she also started feeling embarrassed.

The actress said that during her studies, she became interested in acting and especially comedian and later moved to the United States for education after being awarded a scholarship by the famous Hollywood actress Niccolo Kidman.

The Australian-born actress said that being a female comedian a few decades ago was unacceptable in Australia and it was believed that women could not joke and even if they did, they could not make great jokes like men. The actress described herself as lucky and said that it was her good fortune that she moved to the United States and she started her career there and at that time women were also being selected for unconventional roles in Hollywood. ۔

The actress said that people still think that women cannot do good comedy as compared to male comedians and women are still less appreciated as comedians. She said that as a heavyweight comedian, she has always been interested in romance with comedian men, but unfortunately, comedian men do not want that and they are not romantically interested in female comedians.

She said that because of his comedy and weight, men also look upset with him and as soon as they come in front of her, many men become terrified and they think that soon I will not know anyone about his personality. On the other hand, she revealed in another interview that she used to get a lot of money for maintaining her weight and special roles were created for her.


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