Mehwish Hayat Appointed the Welfare Patron of 'UK Muslim Film'

Mehwish Hayat Appointed the Welfare Patron of 'UK Muslim Film'

Actress Mehwish Hayat, who recently played the role of Ayesha in the American web series 'Miss Marvel', has been appointed the first honorary patron of its welfare projects by the UK Muslim Film charity organisation.

The UK Muslim Films organisation aims to show Muslims in positive roles on screen and discourage anti-Islam content.

The said organisation was founded some time back by British journalist, filmmaker, writer and media personality Sajid Varda to encourage Muslim actors, filmmakers, technical staff and influencers on and off the screen.

The said organisation also provides financial support to Muslim film writers worldwide, inviting writers from all over the world to send their ideas. Then, a jury decides and selects the best story and funds it.

Under the same organisation, the first 'World Muslim Film Festival will soon be held in the UK, where Muslim filmmakers and showbiz personalities from around the world will be allowed to present their work.

The same organisation recently appointed Mehwish Hayat and Canadian-American Muslim writer Leena Ali as the first patron for its philanthropic projects, which the organisation announced on its social media platforms, with Mehwish Hayat also involved. I shared social media posts.

In this regard, Mehwish Hayat, while talking to the showbiz website 'Variety', expressed her happiness that the global organisation has appointed her patron, and she hopes that his involvement will benefit the emerging Muslim showbiz personalities, including the organisation.

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Mehwish Hayat said that due to the negative portrayal of Muslims in the mainstream media and world cinema and the wrong perception of Islam, there are wrong ideas about the world's most peaceful religion.

According to her, he believes that presenting the stories of emerging Muslims positively and uniquely under the banner of 'UK Muslim Films' will reduce the global level of 'Islamophobia,' i.e. hatred of Islam.

She said that now the time has come to restore the identity of Islam and Muslims by positively portraying Muslims in different roles, including on small and big screens.

Lena Khan was also happy, like Mehwish Hayyat, at being appointed as the 'UK Muslim Film' patron.

Leena Khan is already a part of the 'UK Muslim Film team and serves as a writer and director for the organisation.

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