Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa Request the People to Cooperate in the Polio Vaccine Campaign

Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa Request the People to Cooperate in the Polio Vaccine Campaign

The Coronavirus epidemic in Pakistan is about five months away and all attention is focused on the prevention of COVID 19, but as a result, polio, a life-threatening disability for children in the country, has become a major threat. Only 2 countries in the world have poliovirus and one of them is Pakistan.

So far this year, 60 cases of polio have been reported, of which 21 were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 20 in Sindh, 15 in Balochistan and four in Punjab. Numerous artists, religious figures and other celebrities have repeatedly come forward to raise public awareness of the dangers of the poliovirus and to explain how repeated vaccinations can protect children from this crippling disease.

Actress Mehwish Hayat recently spoke on her Instagram account about anti-polio teams that are also part of the fight against coronavirus in Pakistan. Mehwish Hayat said, “Coronavirus helpline 1166 is, in fact, the helpline of the anti-polio program in Pakistan. This team has risked their lives to ensure the good health of our families since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic in Pakistan.

"The most dangerous fact about the coronavirus is that it spreads very fast and there is no vaccine, but there is a poliovirus vaccine that can ensure a healthy future for our children," he added. It is important to be vaccinated against the poliovirus and other dangerous diseases. Actor Fahad Mustafa also spoke about the efforts of polio workers in the country during the last five months to minimize the effects of the coronavirus.

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The anti-polio campaign in Pakistan is resuming after a gap of several months and Fahad Mustafa called on the people to support the teams so that children can be vaccinated against polio and other dangerous diseases to achieve a healthy Pakistan. "As a father, I always ensure timely polio vaccination for my children. As Pakistanis, it is our responsibility to vaccinate our children in a timely manner so that our country is free from dangerous diseases like polio in the future," he said.

The two actors were together in the film Load Wedding in which Mehwish Hayat played the role of a vaccine worker and the issue of denial of the vaccine was also highlighted in the film. It may be recalled that the anti-polio drive is being resumed from July 20 after a gap of about four months due to lockdowns to prevent coronavirus in the country. Regarding the precautionary measures during the campaign, the spokesperson of the Emergency Operations Center Sindh had recently said that all the precautionary measures recommended by the World Health Organization will be taken for the teams and workers will be provided sanitizers, face masks and gloves. Yes, parents need not worry.

Over the past decade, 3 billion children worldwide have been provided with 10 billion doses of the polio vaccine, which has helped prevent 10 million cases. Keep in mind that there is no cure for polio but that vaccination is the only way to prevent it.


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