Mehwish Hayat: A Girl Can Be Happy Without Marriage for 30 Years

Mehwish Hayat: A Girl Can Be Happy Without Marriage for 30 Years

Posted on Jan 8, 2021

Actress Mehwish Hayat has revealed her age on social media for the first time and said that any girl can live a happy life till the age of 30 without getting married and apart from having children. Mehwish Hayat is known for her bold style and eloquence and recently on her 33rd birthday, he also shared an eloquent post on social media in which he spoke openly on various social issues.

Mehwish Hayat shared a photo of her birthday on Instagram on January 6, confirming for the first time that she is 33 years old. The actress clarified that Wikipedia provides false information about her age.

Mehwish Hayat also spoke openly about the events and problems of the year 2020 in her birthday post and wrote that last year gave her a lot and she spent a lot of time with her family.

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She wrote that she watched movies on Netflix with her family, played games, spent time with her mother and sister, and wrote that nothing in this world is more valuable than family. Mehwish Hayat wrote in her post that nowadays a girl can be happy for 30 years without getting married and without children, now is the time to change the system for social change.

In her post, the actress praised the age of social media and wrote that the purpose of some people on social media is to harass and annoy others and such people also spread false news about others.

Speaking about mental health, Mehwish Hayat wrote in her post that anyone can suffer from depression and this is real. Mehwish Hayat wrote, "Although she has never suffered from depression, we all have fears and dangers and we have to strengthen ourselves to overcome the problems,".


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