Meghan Markle Named the World's Most Impressive Style Icon 2019

Meghan Markle Named the World's Most Impressive Style Icon 2019

37-year-old Meghan Markle, a former actress who was married to British Prince Harry last May, became the focus of attention worldwide as the British royal family became the bride.

And now they have also named the World's Most Impressive Style Icon 2019.

Catherine Kate Middleton, the great-great-granddaughter of the British royal family before Meghan Markle, has also been hailed as a fashion icon, but in the past year, Meghan Markle has been widely discussed in the world media.

Not only was the media praised by Meghan Markle's new fashionable style, but people around the world called her style inspiration.

Meghan starred before Prince Harry married - Photo: AFP

According to 'Live', which publishes fashion and style listings and reports every year, people around the world found Meghan Markle the most influential in an online survey.

The list also released a list of the 10 most influential fashion icons, including the release of the list of the 10 most influential style icons of the year 2019, as well as a report on how fashion and style have continued to grow worldwide.

The number of people copying the style of Meghan Markle increased by 200% this year compared to last year - Photo: AFP

According to the company this year, more than 40 million people searched fashion and style information on their website worldwide, and the company compiled new listings using data from people who searched for information.

Timothy Chalamat is considered the Most Impressive Style Icon Male - Photo: AFP

The company also conducted an online survey of more than 12,000 people and asked them questions, including fashion and iconic figures, after which the company released the list.

Zundaya ranked third - Photo: AFP

In the 10 Inspirational Style Icons released by the company, Meghan Markle took first place, surpassing all men, while American actor Timothy Chalamet, 23, won the Most Impressive Male Style Icon.

Car D Be Fifth - Photo: Pure People

Zandia, a 23-year-old American actress, was ranked fourth by young American singer Billy Elish, fifth by singer DB, and Thai singer and rapper Lisa at sixth.

Kylie Jenner ranks seventh - Photo: Instagram

Kyle Jenner, 22, the world's youngest billionaire model, was ranked seventh in impressive style icons, with American singer Lizo at eighth, Harry Styles at ninth, and Billy Porter at number ten.

Harry Styles occupies ninth - Photo: Vogue Australia


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