Meesha Shafi Will Release Podcast in 2021?

Meesha Shafi Will Release Podcast in 2021?

Singer Meesha Shafi, who recently released songs in a unique way at Velo Music Station and Cook Studio 2020, has said that she may also release her podcast next year.

So, this year, under the influence of the global epidemic of coronavirus, when the lockdown was implemented, Instagram live sessions emerged as the best thing. The Instagram live sessions provided an opportunity to chat with showbiz stars, learn more about them, and access exclusive information from your favorite stars, and hopefully, such sessions will continue next year.

In a recent interview with May City FM 98, singer Meesha Shafi shared some things about herself in a question-and-answer session. Taking advantage of the Q&A session, the fans asked various questions which were answered by Meesha Shafi.

Following are some of the answers given by Meesha Shafi to the fans:

Favorite song of 2020?

Meesha Shafi says Beyonc 'Keys to the Kingdom' is her favorite song of the year

If anyone is isolated with 2 musicians, living or dead, who will they be?

Meesha Shafi said that if she is isolated with Abdullah Siddiqui, she will produce the best music with him and the other person, her husband Mahmood with whom she is already isolated, are both writing an album.

Which do you prefer, Cook Studio or Velo Sound Station?

Meesha Shafi said that he likes both of them.

Ever thought of creating your own podcast? How can that be?

Meesha Shafi said that she will make a podcast on awareness and various issues. She said that work on the podcast is already underway and it may come next year.

Sharing with which musician is a dream?

Meesha Shafi said that singing with AR Rehman is a dream, another musician with whom he wanted to sing has fulfilled his dream.

Top 3 Christmas Playlist Songs

Meesha Shafi said that African artist Kofi's song 'Toast', Arosi's 'Take It Easy' and decades old song 'Gar Naal Ishq Metha' are included.

What do you think is the greatest invention?

According to Meesha Shafi, the greatest invention is the wireless blue tooth headphones

What is Nazia Hassan?

Meesha Shafi called her Queen

Like to record in the studio and perform on stage?

Meesha Shafi said that she likes to perform on stage

Do you prefer Toronto cold or Lahore?

Singer Meesha Shafi says Toronto loves cold, I have never felt so cold in Lahore

Is Pakistani music in the 90s or today's music good?

Meesha Shafi said that today we are doing rock

Do you like rock music or pop music?

"There was a time when I used to say I like rock music but now I like pop music," said Meesha Shafi.

Can live without music or movies?

"I can live without movies," he said

Like skirts or jeans?

Meesha Shafi replied Ghaghra.


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