Meera: Actors should get as much protocol as the Prime Minister

Meera: Actors should get as much protocol as the Prime Minister

Meera: Actors should get as much protocol as the Prime Minister
KARACHI: Actress Meera says that actresses should get the respect and protocol of the Prime Minister and other ministers as the actresses represent the national culture internationally.
The actress, known as the Pakistani scandal queen, shared screenshots of a conversation on social media with an unknown person, who is believed to have made Nazi calls for a movie. I have heard this man talk about the lessons of honouring the actors.
According to the screenshots shared by actress Meera, those who want to invest in the project of the movie stars should know that they are artists and rare individuals of our society. They should respect the actors. Because actors aren't prostitutes or have no part-time activities.

My point is that actors play a huge role in our industry and they represent the international culture at the international level. Actors not only work hard but also dedicate their lives to the dignity of their country. Therefore, they should be given more respect and protocol than the Prime Minister and other Ministers so that they can be proud of their work and service in the Pakistan film industry.

Actress Mira wrote that if you want to invest in projects professionally, then come up with complete legal papers, upfront compensation and a contract. If you think someone will offer you drinks, drinks or drugs for your entertainment, no one is here to entertain you. Actress Mira shared these screenshots and called it a "special message."

In another tweet I wrote that heroin also means heroin in real life so they are not wrongdoing women, they do not work in clubs. Pakistan Film Industry means the Pakistan Film Industry and not the Club Industry. The black sheep and crocodile faces of the film industry will soon be exposed.


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