Marwa's Father: We Were Called to Come to the Morning Show

Marwa's Father: We Were Called to Come to the Morning Show

Leading TV host and actress Nida Yasir had apologized for criticizing the parents of a 5-year-old girl who was killed after being raped in a morning show and also explained that the girl's family had contacted them themselves.

However, the girl's father later said about Nida Yasir's statement that we did not contact him to come to the morning show but we were called. Thus, Nida Yasir has been criticized in the past for her morning shows and she was criticized for doing shows with guests during the Coronavirus epidemic. However, in Karachi, consumers are outraged when the parents of a raped girl are called and questioned, and now the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has been asked to ban the host and his show.

In this regard, the hashtag (#BanNidaYasir) banning Nida Yasir was also trending on Twitter. Host Nida Yasir's show aired on September 9 in which she invited the parents of a 5-year-old girl, social worker Sarem Burney and a lawyer. Nida Yasir asked several questions to the girl's parents, to which the girl's mother became obsessed, which was being described by consumers as a cure for their injuries.

The show, which aired on September 9, caught the attention of social media users when a post was released by a Facebook patch and a video clip of the show was attached. After this long post released by the Facebook page, users condemned the show, criticized it and later this criticism became strong and demanded a ban.

Now, Nida Yasir had apologized to the fans in a video statement released on Instagram, criticizing social media and demanding a ban on the show. He had said that we had not contacted Marwa's family but they had contacted us through Sarem Bhai because they needed media support.

Nida Yasir had said that if you watch the whole show, you will guess that his FIR was not registered on the first day and when he protested, the FIR was registered on the second day. Later, social media star and TV artist Waqar Zaka released a video on his Facebook page saying that Nida Yasir had lied about being contacted by Marwa's parents.

He also showed a statement from Marwa's father in a video released by a social media activist. In the video, the girl's father said that we had no contact with the morning show, he had invited us to the show himself. At the same time, in the video, Marwa's uncle said that before this accident, I had no connection with anyone in the media.

He said that from the time when Marwa's body was found, the media started coming to us and during that time we were contacted by the media but we did not tell anyone. "Our daughter went missing on September 4 and we registered an FIR on the same day," said the girl's uncle.

On the other hand, TV anchor and first wife of National Assembly member Amir Liaquat Bushra Amir released a post in this regard on Instagram. He wrote that there is a request from all news and entertainment channels that these are the daughters of the nation, they are our daughters, they are abused first and then repeatedly.

Bushra Aamir said that instead of putting ointment on the wounds and sorrows of his family members, why do they make them their source of income by tearing them apart. He further said that calling or telling the parents or family members about the rape of their daughter in their programs is no less than death for them.

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تمام نیوز اور اینٹرٹینمنٹ چینلز سے ایک گزارش 🙏🏻 خدارا یہ قوم کی بچیاں ہیں، ہماری بیٹیاں ہیں, ان کے ساتھ پہلے زیادتی ہوتی ہے اس کے بعد بار بار زیادتی ہوتی ہے۔ ان کے گھر والوں کے زخموں اور دکھوں پر مرہم رکھنے کے بجاۓ انہیں نوچ نوچ کر کیوں اپنی کمائی کا ذریعہ بناتے ہیں۔ اپنے پروگرامز میں بلا کر ان ماں باپ یا گھر والوں سے ان کی بیٹی کی عصمت دری کا واقعہ پوچھنا یا بیان کرنا ان کے لیے کسی موت سے کم نہیں۔ بس کردیں ریٹنگز کی دوڑ!! یہ دکھ، صدمہ ہم سب کا اجتماعی دکھ ہے۔ ان ریپ کیسز اور زیادتیوں کے خلاف آواز بنیں نہ کہ ان کی تکلیف میں اضافے کا باعث!! ذرائع ابلاغ کا درست استعمال بھی ہماری معاشرتی ذمہ داریوں میں شامل ہے۔ . Watch my views on Lahore Motorway Incident’s the complete video on my YouTube Channel Insight with Bushra. Thanks . . #stopthis #media #pakistan #tvhost #syedabushraiqbal #bushraiqbal #syedabushra #pakistanimedia #responsiblemedia #insightwithbushra #youtubechannel #justiceformarwah #marwah #motorwayincident #life #phd #scholar #celebrities

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Bushra Aamir appealed that just run the ratings!! This grief, this trauma, is the collective grief of all of us. In his post, he said that voices should be raised against rape cases and abuses and not to increase their suffering!! Proper use of the media is also part of our social responsibility.

It may be recalled that the burnt body of a 5-year-old girl was found in a garbage dump in PIB Colony area of ​​Karachi on September 6, after which the locals blocked University Road in protest for several hours while the authorities arrested the accused had given an ultimatum of three days.

The girl was reported missing from the old vegetable market area on September 4, while her body was found in the same area between Saturday and Sunday night, September 6. Later on, September 16, police claimed to have arrested the three accused on charges of raping and murdering a 6-year-old girl Marwa from Pir Bukhari Colony within the limits of PIB Colony police station. He was remanded in police custody.

After which, on September 21, DIG Sharqi Muhammad Noman Siddique had claimed that the DNA samples of the two accused arrested in the Marwa murder case have been matched where earlier their fingerprints had already matched with the clothes of the victim.


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