Marina Khan Accuses Film Producers of Not Paying Compensation

Marina Khan Accuses Film Producers of Not Paying Compensation

Senior actress-producer Marina Khan has expressed regret accusing the producers of her soon-to-be-released romantic comedy film 'Yaraway' of not paying them and has appealed to fans to raise their voices in her favour. 

On August 1, Marina Khan shared the poster of her upcoming film 'Yara Way', which was set to release on September 16.

Sharing the said poster, Marina Khan claimed that the producers announced the film's release without giving her full compensation and without signing a formal contract with them, which is unfortunate.

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She used harsh words for the producers, asked them to shame him, and wrote that if they wanted, they could delay the film's release by filing a case against the film's team for non-payment of compensation, but that they would submit to this.

She appealed to his fans to raise their voice in his favour so that the producers get an idea and compensation.

After Marina Khan shared the post, many fans also posted in her favour and expressed their regret that Herodusers behaved so inappropriately towards the senior actress.

Fans took to Twitter criticising the producers, saying they can exploit new actors when they behave like this with a senior actress.

At the same time, people criticised the producers that such people would bring back the rise of Pakistani cinema and produce Hollywood blockbusters, including India, that do not even provide remuneration to their senior actors.

Although Marina Khan accused the producers of not providing compensation, she did not mention anyone in her post.

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After Marina Khan's claim, the producers issued a clarification statement on the official Instagram page of 'Yara Way', apologised to the actress, and assured her that compensation would be provided after the investigation.

In a statement released on the Instagram account of the film 'Yaraway', it was said that the production company that released the film had produced it in collaboration with another company, and the management of the company with the help of which the film was made was in between. Has left the project and gone missing, with whom efforts are being made to make contact.

According to the company, they had given all the actors' payments to the management of the fledgling company. Still, they did not pay some of the actors, and the company fled, and legal action was taken against the fledgling company.

The film's production company assured Marina Khan that she would be compensated soon and legal action would be taken against the other production company that caused her pain.

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Marina Khan's movie 'Yara Way' was released in June this year, but after delaying its release, it was announced to release in September.

'Yara Way' also stars Sami Khan and Javed Sheikh, while Indian actress Poonam Pandey also has a cameo.

Actress Alizeh Naseer will make her acting debut through the film and is also among the producers of this film.

The story of 'Yara Way' is written by Althiya Kaushal, while its dialogues are written by Pakistani writer and journalist Mehwish Ejaz and its directions are given by Manishpur. The story of 'Yara Way' revolves around a love triangle, and most of its shooting has been done in Thailand and Dubai, among other locations.

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