Many Personalities Also Complained About Rabia Anum Leaving Show

Many Personalities Also Complained About Rabia Anum Leaving Show

Posted on Nov 10, 2022

While former news anchor and TV host Rabia Anum is being praised for leaving Nida Yasir's live morning show, some personalities have expressed displeasure with her action.

Rabia Anum walked out of Nida Yasir's morning show on November 8, along with actress Fiza Ali and Mohsin Abbas Haider as guests in the program.

Before leaving the program, Rabia Anum also apologized to Nida Yasir, ARY Channel, and the producers and said that she did not know the other program guests.

Rabia Anum informed Nida Yasir that she would speak out against domestic abuse before quitting the show. She has been speaking out against this, and today she decided it would be inappropriate to attend the program because of her activism.

She said that if she continues to participate in the program, all her efforts will come to nothing, so she no longer wants to be a part of the program, as she does not want her voice raised against domestic violence to be diminished.

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During this time, Nida Yasir took a break. After that, she left the program. Later, the program was completed with Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fiza Ali, while the clip of Rabia Anum leaving the program was also removed from YouTube. 

Many people and showbiz personalities praised Rabia Anum for leaving the program and appreciated her step.

However, at the same time, some personalities and people were unhappy with his actions and accused him of mocking others.


Model and host Mathira expressed strong displeasure at Rabia Anum's action and wrote that she has no right to ridicule others in public.

Commenting on the video of Rabia Anum leaving the show, Mathira wrote that standing up against domestic violence is good, but she could have left the show in a good way.

The model wrote that she also had issues with several shows but left the show respectfully without insulting anyone else.

Mathira also wrote that people who make mistakes should be given a chance to change themselves and avoid trying to become a hero by directly mocking someone.

Like her, senior actress Mishi Khan also termed Rabia Anum's act inappropriate and wrote that she could have refused to participate in the show knowing about the guests in the make-up room.

The actress wrote that it is possible that her manager knew everything and took it as a stunt to get more attention.

Like her, TV host Dr. Bushra Iqbal also shared the picture of Rabia Anum leaving the show and wrote that these actresses and female hosts should also be held accountable and banned, who ruined the lives of others.

She demanded that all those who destroy other people's houses be banned.


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