Manal Khan Accused of Stealing Kylie Jenner's Breakfast Photo

Manal Khan Accused of Stealing Kylie Jenner's Breakfast Photo

Posted on Jun 23, 2022

Leading actress of Pakistani drama industry Manal Khan has been under criticism from social media users since yesterday due to a story uploaded from her Instagram account.

The actress had posted a picture of a table decorated with fruits on her Instagram stories, but social media users pointed out that Manal Khan had allegedly shared the story in a story uploaded on the Instagram account of famous Hollywood model Kylie Jenner.

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A day earlier, Kylie Jenner shared this photo of a fruit-filled table on her Instagram account, later uploaded from Manal Khan's account.

At this point, social media users are trolling Manal Khan a lot, memes are being made about him, and the actress's name is also trending on Twitter.

One person asked, "Does Manal Khan think that we know or follow Kylie Jenner?"

Some users used sarcasm and advised Kylie Jenner not to imitate the Pakistani actress.

One user told social media users, "Please stop trolling Manal; she was actually with Kylie Jenner."

Some users have also linked Manal Khan's move with materialism that actors can go to some extent to look rich and unique.

One user advised the actress, "Don't copy, even if it's just on social media. Promoting a false lifestyle on social media means you're making fun of the IQ of your social media followers." It's unbelievable how fragile the ego of so many celebrities in the entertainment industry can be.

Interestingly, despite being trolled by social media users, actress Manal Khan did not remove the story from her Instagram account but became a part of it herself and shared a meme made on her.

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