Malala Thanks Marvel for Creating Web Series on Pakistani Superhero Female Character

Malala Thanks Marvel for Creating Web Series on Pakistani Superhero Female Character

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai thanked Marvel Studios and Disney Plus for creating the 'Miss Marvel' web series on the role of a Pakistani superhero woman, calling the web series a reflection of the true representation of Pakistanis.

 The web series 'Miss Marvel' based on the unique character of Pakistani girl Kamala Khan, possessing unique abilities, was launched today on June 8 on the streaming website Disney Plus. 

In the said web series, Kamala Khan i.e. 'Miss Marvel' is played by 19-year-old Iman Walani, a Canadian girl of Pakistani origin who was born in Karachi. 

Miss Marvel will also feature several Indian actors, including Mehwish Hayat, Samina Ahmed, Nimra Bucha and Fawad Khan, while one of its four directors, Sharmeen Obaid Chainoy, is from Pakistan.

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 On the occasion of the release of 'Miss Marvel', Malala Yousafzai praised the web series, calling its characters and their accents a reflection of Pakistani immigrants and wrote a special article for the web series. 

The handwritten essay by Malala Yousafzai was shared on Miss Marvel's Instagram page, thanking the Nobel laureate.

 Malala Yousafzai praised Miss Marvel in her post and wrote that it is a great feeling when the main character of TV speaks Urdu which is your language and she wears clothes and eats food which tastes good when you eat. 

Iman valani

Malala Yousafzai wrote that she was very happy and envious to see Miss Marvel speaking, living and adopting a dialect similar to that of Pakistani immigrants. 

She thanked Marvel Productions and Disney Plus for incorporating the characters and accents of accurate portrayal of Pakistani immigrants into the web series, as well as the 'Miss Marvel' web series.

 Remember that the main character of the said web series is 'Kamala Khan' who is a girl of Pakistani descent from the US state of New Jersey with unique abilities. 

Sana Amanat, the woman who created the web series character Kamala Khan, is also of Pakistani origin. Sana Amanat first introduced Kamala Khan's character in Marvel's comic box in 2013 and now the first web series has been made on it.


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