Mahwish Hayat is also the champion of "Onana Challenge" after "Bottle Cap Challenge".

Mahwish Hayat is also the champion of "Onana Challenge" after "Bottle Cap Challenge".

Every day on social media, one or the other challenge comes to the fore, and celebrities along with ordinary people seem to be fulfilling this challenge. Some time ago, the "Bottle Cap Challenge" was popular on social media, which was not only accepted but also fulfilled by Pakistani artists, including Hollywood and Bollywood. These artists included Mahwish Hayat.

So how can it be that a challenge on social media is viral and Mahwish Hayat is not a part of it? This time too, he has surprised his fans by completing the "Onanachallenge" which went viral on social media together with his brother Danish Hayat and his video has caused a stir on social media.

Mahwish Hayat also said with the video that he doesn't ask how long it took him and his brother to learn these dance steps. With this, he gave the message that in this difficult time, have fun with your brothers and sisters and never let your inner childhood end.

Before Mahwish Hayat, actor Bilal Qureshi had also shared a video with his wife Arousa Qureshi about completing the "Onana Challenge" which was well received by the audience.

The "Onana Challenge", which went viral on social media during the lockdown, was actually designed to take precautionary measures against the coronavirus. This challenge requires at least two people to touch hands. We meet this challenge by dancing with our feet alone.

Initially, there were videos of doctors fighting Corona completing the "Onana Challenge", which was well-received on social media.



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