Mahira Khan told that, when will she get Second married

Mahira Khan told that, when will she get Second married

Mahira Khan told that, when will she get Second married
In the year 2019, other actresses, including Iqra Aziz, got married and in 2020 there are several actresses who are planning to get married.

Though there were no requests for a second marriage to 'superstar' actress Mahira Khan, the actress answered a question as to when she would marry another.

Mahira Khan responded to various fans' questions regarding '#Ask Mahira' on Twitter on the eve of New Year, and in the same episode, a fan asked her another marriage question.

Fans asked Mahira Khan several questions about '#Asak Mahira', some of which asked the actress very much.

Mahira Khan asked a fan, 'When will she again show the essence of acting in a movie like' Raees' with Bollywood actress Shah Rukh Khan? ۔

The actress replied to the fans that she knows how important it is for them to answer, but they do not have the answer to their question.

One fan asked the actress the memorable moment of the last 10 years that she had not forgotten? On the question of fans, the actress recalled her experience of becoming a mother and said that she could not forget giving birth to son Azan.

In response to another question, Khan said that although he liked 'Mulan' and 'Samba' in the cartoon characters, he would like to play the role of 'Dory' if he had the opportunity.

One fan asked her that she had never seen the actress in public anger, and would like to know the reason for the act that is the secret that she overcomes her anger?

The actress asked the actress a lot of questions, and she replied that she's fed up with people's behaviour.

In the episode of '#Ask Mahira', a fan asked the actress, 'Don't they think they should get remarried?

Instead of being annoyed at the fans' question, the actress gave them a brief answer that said, 'When they feel, they will.'

Mahira Khan was first married to Ali Askari in 2007 and has a 6-year-old son, Azzu.

However, Mahira Khan's first marriage could not be more successful and her marriage ended in divorce in 2015.

In May last year, news broke that Mahira Khan engaged a longtime business friend in Turkey, but later the actress lied and told them that she did not engage, but that she married a Turkish friend.


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