Mahira Khan: The News of Secret Marriage

Mahira Khan: The News of Secret Marriage

Posted on Jul 13, 2021

Mahira Khan, who appeared on television after 6 years in the role of 'Mehreen,' surreptitiously revealed the news of her second marriage and called it fake news. Mahira Khan married Ali Askari in 2007 and they have a son named Azlan together. Mahira Khan's first marriage ended in divorce in 2015 after nearly eight years, and speculations of a second marriage have been circulating since 2019.

Initially, there were speculations that Mahira Khan was engaged to Saleem Karim, a businessman, but the actress confirmed in 2019 that they were not engaged. Mahira Khan later acknowledged having an affair with a guy called Saleem in an interview with fashion designer Hassan Shehryar Yaseen (HSY) on Instagram in June 2020, and that she planned to marry him in the future.

However, Mahira Khan did not specify how long the two planned to marry at the time, and the actress recently explained the situation when a fan inquired about a covert marriage. In a video for 'Mission,' Mahira Khan answered fan questions, one of which was about their secret marriage.

Mahira Khan stated that they did not have a secret marriage and that if they are engaged in marriage, everyone would know. At the same time, the actress demonstrated her fingers as proof that she wore no ring. The actress was also asked additional questions in the video, and in answer to one, she stated that she has no idea how large a 'Raees' she is, and that it is because of the fans' affection that they consider her a 'Raees.'

In answer to a query, he commended and characterized Humayun Saeed as his greatest and favorite co-star. Mahira Khan also emphasized that she did not have "nose surgery" in answer to an inquiry about it, and she zoomed in on the nose in the video to prove it. In answer to a query, Mahira Khan stated that she has no plans to collaborate with Tom Cruise in any film, but that she hopes to do so in the future.

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Mahira Khan said that she had a lot of difficulties with body shaming and had to go through a lot of struggle when asked about her physical attributes. Mahira Khan also acknowledged that she has struggled with 'body shaming' and had trouble coping with mental issues. Mahira Khan also refuted the claim that she had 20 security guards, claiming that she did not employ bodyguards to protect her.


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