Luxurious life can be exhibited, so why not showoff to help someone?

Luxurious life can be exhibited, so why not showoff to help someone?

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Where many prominent figures of Pakistan are criticizing people who help people by showing off There, actor Salman Sheikh alias Mani has a very different opinion in this regard.

Mani shared a video on his Instagram account in which he mentioned the groceries in his house that he plans to distribute to those in need.

Meanwhile, the actor said: 'This is 500 sacks of dough that will go to thousands of houses, but why am I promoting good works? Because when we take pictures of children, do house pictures, sit on the plane and take pictures? So why not? You guys also see us and follow us. '

"We are distributing rations very fast, people are criticizing but our enthusiasm is increasing, so many brands have joined us in this good work till now," he added.

He also showed in the video what items he was adding to the ration bags to give to those in need.

According to the actor, many people are supporting him in this virtuous act.

However, Mani also said that those who make pictures with rationing are definitely wrong but may have good intentions.

Sharing this video, Mani also cited a Quranic verse in the caption.

He further wrote that "As showbiz personalities, when we can showcase our wealth, our show ratings, our valuable apparel and name it trending, then when we do something good and show it, then it is cheaper. Accused of earning fame. '

According to the actor, during this lockdown, Hira and he thought about helping people, and also appealed to people on Instagram to join them in the process, after which they were criticized.

According to Mani, he is not sharing photos of anyone giving him rations, nor is he showing anyone who is coming to his house for help.

It may be recalled that in view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus in the province, the Sindh government announced a 15-day lockdown from 12 pm on March 23.

Murad Ali Shah had said that no one would be allowed to leave the house unnecessarily during a lockdown.

Despite lockdown in the province, food and beverage shops were allowed to be open from 8 am to 8 pm.

However, on March 27, the Chief Minister directed the Inspector General (IG) police to close the shops at 5 pm, calling for more lockdown in the province.

The provincial government also announced a ban on prayer gatherings in mosques.

Later, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah had announced the extension of the lockdown period in the province by April 14.

It is thought that the cases of Coronavirus are increasing in Pakistan and the number of new cases has increased to 4 thousand 194 while 60 people have passed away from this global outbreak till now.

While this virus is spreading rapidly, its local migration cases are also increasing.


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