Looking forward to watching a movie on my life, Sania Mirza

Looking forward to watching a movie on my life, Sania Mirza

India's only super tennis star and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik's wife, Sania Mirza, confirmed last year that a film will be made on her life.

Talks of making a biography film on the life of Sania Mirza have been talking about 2018 and her first glimpse of the film has not yet been revealed.

In February last year, Sania Mirza confirmed in an interview that a contract was signed between her and filmmaker Ronnie Scarvola in connection with the filming.

According to the tennis star, though the contract has been finalized, the talk of filming is still in the early stages and now, a year later, Sania Mirza has said that films are still in the early stages.

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It is not announced who will play the role of Sania Mirza - Photo: Sania Mirza Instagram
According to Indian newspaper 'Deccan Chronicle', in a recent interview, Sania Mirza confirmed that there had been several meetings between her and filmmaker Ronnie Scarwala.

The tennis star said filmmaking is still in the early stages, but he is looking forward to seeing his life story on the cinema screen as well as excited.

Sania Mirza said that there is a dire need to make films that depict the struggle of personalities.

He said that many of India's sports personalities, including him, do not belong to very strong families and they have all reached their destination after a lot of hard work and hard work, and films should be made on their struggles.

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The news of the movie being made on the life of a tennis star is coming up 2 years ago - Photo: Instagram
The Pakistani cricketer's wife did not say what movie was made on her life and how long the shooting will begin and who will play her role.

However, he said that matters are still in the early stages of the film and he expects that a movie made on his life will soon be shown on the cinema screen as he himself is excited to see the film.

Although the film will be based on the professional life of Sania Mirza, it is thought that the film will feature her personal life, especially her marriage and the aftermath.

It is likely that her husband and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik will also play a significant role in the film, but it is premature to say anything in this regard.

Remember that in 2016 a book on the life of Sania Mirza has also been published, titled 'Ace Against Odds'.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik got married on April 12, 2010, after which the two moved to Dubai.

The first son was born on October 30, 2018, 8 years after their marriage.

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The film is also likely to feature Sania's husband Shoaib Malik - Photo: Sania Mirza on Instagram


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