Life Cannot Go on Without Compromises, Zarnish Khan

Life Cannot Go on Without Compromises, Zarnish Khan

Posted on Aug 3, 2022

Model and actress Zarnish Khan have taught fans that life cannot go on without compromises and that there is nothing wrong with compromises.

Sharing a picture on Instagram, the actress told her fans about the importance of compromises in life.

In the photo she shared, a mother begged her daughter for tears and taught her to compromise.

Sharing the said picture, the actress wrote that she also wants to share her thoughts that it is not right to misunderstand everything about compromises.

He questioned why wrong concepts are presented or misunderstood regarding certain instructions related to compromises.

Zarnish Khan wrote that there is nothing wrong with understanding and moving forward, whatever the circumstances, but life cannot go on or move forward without compromises.


She wrote that even if they do not include the mother and her son in the above picture, the fact remains that progress cannot be made without compromises.

Zarnish Khan wrote that to avoid ignorance, and one must focus on improving the rights instead of corrupting the right.

The actress' post on compromises was also shared on other social media platforms, where people disagreed with the actress' views and reminded her that personal worth and honour are also something.

Most of the fans disagreed with Zarnish Khan's views and emphasised that in today's Pakistani society, self-respect should be prioritised over compromises; compromises destroy lives and make people behave like animals. 

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