Lady Gaga, Global Citizen and WHO Organize An 8-hour long fundraising program

Lady Gaga, Global Citizen and WHO Organize An 8-hour long fundraising program

Posted on Apr 20, 2020

Millions of people around the world watched the special musical TV program announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Citizen and singer and actress Lady Gaga to raise funds to tackle the Coronavirus.

Lady Gaga, Global Citizen and the World Health Organization announced last week that a special program will be aired on April 18, and last night it aired live on dozens of TV channels, numerous web streaming websites and social media accounts. 

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the One World: Together at Home program was shown live on TV channels, Webster organizations and social media accounts in other regions, including Europe and the United States.

More than 100 musicians, singers, performers, social and political figures, including sports and fashion and technology personalities participated in the special program through live video, but some individuals participated in the event through recorded videos rather than directly.

The 8-hour broadcast of the special program was also shown live on Global Citizen's YouTube and social media accounts, while several individuals also aired it live on their social media accounts.

Various TV channels from the US and Europe also showed the program live, while several TV channels made a special arrangement to show the selected portion of the program on April 19.

It is not yet clear how much money was made from this special program for about 8 hours, but it is thought that it will make millions of dollars and all proceeds from this program will be donated to the World Health Organization. ۔

The World Health Organization will purchase medical equipment for medical staff, including medical equipment, while the drug will also buy other essential anti-Corona viruses.

Special Program One World: Singer Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Lee Ailesch, Lizzy, Sir Elton John, David Beckham, John Legend, Eddie Vedder, Kerry Washington, Coldplay Chris Martin, Jay Ballon, Andrea Buckley and Maloma at Together at Home Other shows and music personalities attended.

Lady Gaga herself performed at the event as well and she described the program as the world's love affair for medical staff.


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