Kim Kardashian faces criticism for 'Black face'

Kim Kardashian faces criticism for 'Black face'

Posted on Dec 23, 2019

Kim Kardashian faces criticism for 'Blackface'
American model, actress, and businesswoman Kim Kardashian West have been hit hard on social media after photos of her magazine shoot came out.

The American model shared photos of a magazine shoot on her social media accounts in which she was spotted in a black dress, though what became the most noticeable was that on this occasion, Kim Kardashian had to put her face on makeup. With the help of black.

Consumers on social media have been criticizing them for 'browning fees', while some believe they have ridiculed black women for their actions.

Kim Kardashian did this photoshoot for the 7th Hollywood magazine, on which she wore a gown designed by famed French designer Meogler.

The model termed the photoshoot excellent, but also said that wearing a costume made by Mě▒gler was a 'dream'.

Social networking site Twitter posted comments on the photoshoot targeting users with severe criticism.

She said, "Despite being a black woman, I was not happy to see these pictures. People hate us and you are trying to wear our color by embellishing them." Go and wash our hard work, anything is being done for fame. '

She said, "I'm very angry right now, they are just trying to take advantage of our culture,".

Kim Kardashian shared photos of this photoshoot on her Instagram account.

Commenting on her photos on Instagram, one user wrote, "It is a pity for women who do not have the option to wash their face and go white or go back to black."

Another user commented, 'You need to choose the best photoshoots in the future, ones that don't hurt anyone'.

On the other hand, both Kim Kardashian and the owners of 7 Hollywood Magazine have not responded to the matter so far.

However, sources close to the actress revealed that Kim did not darken the face for the photoshoot, but that the images were due to the light during the shoot.

Be aware that this is not the first time that Kardashian has been criticized for 'browning fees'.

When the actress launched her makeup brand 'KW Beauty' in 2017, she also released some photos on the occasion where she kept her face dark with makeup.

The actress was also subjected to severe criticism at the time, which Kim later said she had shot for promoting all kinds of makeup in her brand.


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