Kenya: Due to poverty, mother cooked stones to feed hungry children

Kenya: Due to poverty, mother cooked stones to feed hungry children

Posted on May 1, 2020

Sensitive hearts were shaken when a mother in the East African country of Kenya cooked stones as food to feed hungry children.

On April 30, a widow from Mombasa, Kenya's second-largest city, threw a stone into a pot and put it on the stove to seduce her 8-year-old children, who were starving to death. His mother is preparing food for him and he goes to sleep waiting for it.

Many sensitive people were shocked to hear of this first-of-its-kind incident, and with the help of a neighbor, people from all over Kenya sent aid to the mother who was cooking stones for the children.

According to the BBC, Panina Bahti Kitsau, a widowed mother of eight, cooked the stones when her children were hungry and begged for food but had nothing to feed them. So they started baking stones in a pot to deceive the children.

The British broadcaster quoted a Kenyan TV channel in its report as saying that the woman's husband had been killed by terrorists last year, after which the woman was working from home.


The woman began baking stones to keep the children in the shelter
The widow went from house to house washing clothes and running her household expenses with the proceeds, but her work was halted due to the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus and her difficulties increased.

The widow lives in a two-room house without electricity and running water, and when she baked stones in a pot on April 30, her children began to cry over food delays. Come home to find out why their children are crying so much.

It was the woman next door who informed the media and others that the widow had cooked stones in the pot to put the children to sleep.

After the incident came to light, the widow told Kenyan TV channel NTV that she had no choice but to bake stones and put the children to sleep.

She said the children also asked her about the food several times after handing out the handi and asked what she was preparing, but she remained silent on the children's questions because she knew it was nothing.

The widow said the neighbor helped her and told other people about the incident when she opened a mobile account on which people from all over Kenya started sending money.

The widow called the help from all over Kenya a miracle and thanked all those who helped her, including the neighbor.

It is believed that the Kenyan government has also started plans to deliver rations and essential items to the homes of the poor after the lockdown was implemented in March, but so far millions have not been able to benefit from this plan.

In addition to the Kenyan government, international charities working there are also providing rations and money to the people during the lockdown, but so far millions of poor people have not been able to benefit from such schemes.

Although the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Kenya is very low, the international community and international organizations are criticizing the Kenyan government for not testing there.

As of the morning of May 1, the number of confirmed cases of corona in Kenya was less than 400, with only 17 deaths from corona.

The international community and international organizations have expressed concern over the slow pace of corona testing in countries other than Kenya, and are urging governments there to take swift and drastic action against corona. ۔




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