Katy Perry announced her pregnancy via music video

Katy Perry announced her pregnancy via music video

American pop star Katy Perry has announced she is pregnant with the release of her new song.

The singer released a video of her new song, Never Warren White, in which she appeared with her baby bump.

At the end of this four-minute video, the singer shared with fans the news of her pregnancy.

After sharing the news on social networking site Twitter, the singer wrote, "Thankfully I won't have to hide it anymore or carry a big purse because of it."

In another tweet, he wrote, 'I was nervous before sharing the news, but I never got as much support and love in my life as I did after that.'

Katy Perry is yet to marry her fiancée and Orlando Bloom, but it is thought that the two will soon be married.

Katy Perry married British actor Russell Edward in 2010, only two years after they separated.

The singer has been in a relationship with actor Orlando Bloom since 2016.

Orlando Bloom engaged Katy Perry in 2019, with news that the two will soon marry and begin their new journey.

Orlando Bloom married the first supermodel Marinda Kerr in 2010 and has a son.

Orlando Bloom's first marriage also failed, and they divorced in 2013.

Regarding her pregnancy, Katy Perry said, "I wanted to tell the fans everything but in a way that would be better, I would talk to the fans through the language of the music and also to tell the news. That is the choice


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