'Joyland' Banned in Pakistan

'Joyland' Banned in Pakistan

Posted on Nov 15, 2022

The government of Pakistan banned the upcoming film 'Joyland' after receiving complaints from Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmed and others.

The Central Film Censor Board revoked the license issued to 'Joyland', terming it against social values ​​and saying that the film could not be released in Pakistani cinemas.

The film's director Saim Sadiq confirmed the cancellation of the permit by the Film Censor Board and expressed his regret over the ban on the film's release.

In his post, he also announced to appeal against the Central Film Censor Board's step as unconstitutional and illegal.

Saim Sadiq said in his post that his film was earlier allowed to be screened not only by the Central Film Censor Board but also by other Provincial Film Censor Boards, and the Film Censor Boards established within the provinces are autonomous after the 18th Amendment and their The above order of Central Film Censor Board is unconstitutional.

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He wrote that the Central Film Censor Board cannot pass any order on the Provincial Film Censor Boards and that the Central Film Board banned the film after being criticised by a few narrow-minded people.

Saim Sadiq said without naming anyone that a few narrow-minded people mocked and complained to the Ministry of Information and the Film Censor Board for allowing the screening of 'Joyland', upon which the board banned his film.

In his post, he also shared the certificates of permits issued by the Central Film Censor Board and the Provincial Film Censor Boards. Regarding the ban on 'Joyland', Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan shared the ban notification issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and expressed his happiness over banning the film.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed wrote in his tweet that the government of Pakistan had cancelled the license to show the controversial film, and this step of the government is commendable.

In his tweet, he further wrote that Pakistan is an Islamic state and no law, action, or ideology against Islam can work here.

A few days before the government banned the film's screening; Senator Mushtaq Ahmed had announced a campaign to ban it.

In his video message, Mushtaq Ahmed claimed that the film has tried to promote homosexuality and plans to attack the social values ​​of Pakistan through such films.

The senator said that the film Joyland is against the institution of marriage and nikah; it depicts homosexuality, which the film's Queer Palm Award evidences at the Cannes Film Festival.

He had called for the film to be banned, calling it an attack on Pakistani social values, and announced that he would campaign against the banning of 'Joyland'.

Sarmad Khoosat, Sarwat Gilani, Alina Khan, Sohail Sameer, Salman Pir, Sania Saeed, Kanwal Khoosat, Jaya Ahsan, Sana Jafri, and Qasim Abbas are only a few of the actors featured in this film directed by Saim Sadiq.

'Joyland' was slated to release across Pakistan on November 18 this month; the film's story revolves around a young man and a transgender person who fall in love while working at a dance club.

At the Cannes Film Festival, this same film won the "Cannes: Queer Palm" award, presented specifically to movies about the experiences of gay and bisexual people.

Apart from this, the film's actor, Ali Junejo, was recently awarded the best actor award at the Sao Paulo Film Festival.


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