Journalist Ansar Abbasi Tweet About a Woman Exercising in the Morning Show

Journalist Ansar Abbasi Tweet About a Woman Exercising in the Morning Show

For the past several years, morning shows have been aired in Pakistan on various entertainment and news channels covering different segments. In these shows, sometimes wedding ceremonies are held, sometimes different competitions are held and sometimes different personalities are invited as guests.

At the same time, these morning shows cover different segments like quiz, exercise and cooking. Something similar happened yesterday when a segment of the exercise was running in the morning show on Pakistan Television (PTV) News. 'S video was shared.

In the shared video, a woman was exercising and she was being instructed by a man. Ansar Abbasi shared the video and in a tweet mentioned Prime Minister Imran, Information Minister Shibli Faraz and Special Assistant for Information Asim Saleem Bajwa and wrote that it is PTV.

However, on the tweet, Ansar Abbasi faced severe criticism from the public on social media.

A Twitter user asked what's wrong with that?

Another user wrote that what is wrong with this, most women exercise, it circulates blood flow to the brain, do not complicate everything.

Another user wrote, take the name of God, Ansar Abbasi, this exercise segment has been running on PTV for more or less 20 years, why are they putting it in Khan's account.

Similarly, another user criticized that your brain is so dirty, to get something out of everything.

Hamna Zubair wrote that giving sexual color to women working on a daily basis is also part of the rape culture.

Twitter user Noorin Fatima wrote, 'Abbasi Sahib, why don't we see it as training? Why are our eyes not clean?

In addition, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry also criticized Ansar Abbasi and wrote that if the image of women on sports and billboards also appeals to you, then you really need psychotherapy and counselling.

To which Ansar Abbasi replied that you are part of a government which claims to rebuild Pakistan according to the principles of the state of Madinah.

He asked if you would explain what you support in the light of Quran and Sunnah or the Constitution of Pakistan.

Besides, anchorperson Rabia Anum also tweeted sarcastically and wrote that Imran Khan should see that only women are working out while men are not, it is not healthy to work out on days.

On the other hand, some users also supported Ansar Abbasi and termed it wrong to show exercise on the show.

One user wrote that we will remain Muslims in name only. If this happens then how can we stop rape cases?

Another user wrote that this is an Islamic country but unfortunately nothing is Islamic here, it is a way to promote obscenity.


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