Jonny Depp suits British newspaper for writing 'Wife torturer'

Jonny Depp suits British newspaper for writing 'Wife torturer'

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, who earned fame for playing the role of Captain Jack Spiro in the city's epic fantasy film 'Pirates of the Caribbean', is due to appear in a lawsuit filed against a British newspaper on February 27 in a court in the British capital, London.

Johnny Depp sued British newspaper 'The Sun' for writing a false article in 2018.

In his article, The Sun wrote Johnny Depp as a 'torturer on his wife', how Johnny Depp tortured his wife in the worst possible way.

In the article where Johnny Depp is portrayed as a tortured woman, his ex-wife Amber Heard is portrayed as a victim.

This article was published at a time when the campaign for injustice against women in Hollywood was at its peak.

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Amber Heard Accuses Johnny Depp of Violence - Photo: Daily Express
After the article was published by the newspaper, Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit in British court against the newspaper claiming to lose 2 million euros against the newspaper.

And now Johnny Depp appeared in court, including a lawyer, at the trial.

During the hearing, according to the news agency 'Reuters', lawyers for Johnny Depp argued before the court that the actor's wife had made false accusations of torture to him and the British newspaper justified the false allegations against his client. Campaign.

Junior Depp's lawyer told the court that a journalist wrote an article believing the actor's lie, and then distributed the same article to other fellow journalists, and a false campaign was launched against the actor.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorced in 2016 - Photo: The Mirror
According to Reuters, this was the first hearing on a British newspaper to be dismissed, which was short-lived and the court summoned all parties on March 23 next month.

Johnny Depp's regular hearing on the British newspaper will begin next month and it is thought that the hearings will last for a month, and the newspaper will likely be ordered fined.

Experts say that now Amber Heard, the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, has also admitted that she was not her husband but that he tortured her husband, after which the British newspaper's case also looks weak and possibly court court. To pay a fine.

It should be noted that on February 3 this month, an audio of former Auntie Herd, a former wife of Johnny Depp, was revealed in which she could be heard confessing to torturing her husband.


The duo were praised - Photo: AFP
British newspaper The Daily Mail reported that they received an audio message from the actress, in which actress Amber Heard is threatening her as well as confessing to the violence on Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard, 33, said in an audio message that she attacked her ex-husband several times with pots and vases, but on one occasion, the actress confessed and apologized to Johnny Depp.

In the audio message, the actress confessed to torturing her ex-husband while also saying, 'I did not slap you in the face, I was not hitting you, I was just pushing'.

Amber Heard had previously accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence, after which the couple divorced in 2016.

At that time, Amber Heard had accused Johnny Depp of demanding a divorce that she had been torturing since she got married, after which Johnny Depp dismissed the charges and filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard.

In this case, Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard of having hit her in the mouth while she had her finger amputated.

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Amber Heard confessed to torturing her husband this month - Photo: AFP


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