Jibran Nasir and Manasha Pasha's engagement

Jibran Nasir and Manasha Pasha's engagement

Posted on Dec 23, 2019

Jibran Nasir and Mansha Pasha's engagement, photos and videos went viral
KARACHI: Pakistani actress Minsha Pasha and social leader Jibran Nasir formally engaged.

The engagement site had been circulating for two days on the social networking site, but there was no confirmation or denial from Mansha and compensation or his family.

The card, which went viral on social media, listed December 22 as the date of engagement and wrote, "Jibran and Mansha want to invite you to lunch on December 22".

Engagement photos and videos of the couple went viral on social networking websites, but neither has shared a regular photo or status with the two.

Jibran Nasir and Mansha Pasha wore each other's engagement ring while the two also danced together.

Remember that in the general elections held a year ago, Jibran Nasir contested election as an independent candidate in the Karachi Assembly constituency PS-111 and National Assembly seat NA-247.

During the election campaign, his friend Mansha Pasha appealed to the people in the respective constituencies to cast a vote for Jibran Nasir while the actress herself used her right to vote on the loudspeaker mark.


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