Javeria Saud for the first time in her life responded to hateful comments from people.

Javeria Saud for the first time in her life responded to hateful comments from people.

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Famous Pakistani actress Javeria Saud shared a few videos with her children on Tik Tok a few days ago and later went viral on social media.

In these videos, Javeria Saud appeared in her daughter Jannat and son Ibrahim black shirts while the three also performed on an English song.

After the videos went viral on social media, people made harsh comments on the actress and her children, while also criticizing the sharing of such videos during the rapidly spreading outbreak of the Corona virus worldwide.

The actress then shared a new video in response to criticism from all those people.

The actress in this video criticized those who commented against her children, as well as informed them about the goodness and ability of their children.

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In this video about 13 minutes duration, Javeria Saud said that she was making a video for the first time in her life in which she responded to hateful comments from people.

The actress said that she would remain silent until such hateful comments were made against her, but she would not remain silent on anything that was done against her children.

"What do you know about my children?" I know how good my children are, my daughter Jannat started fasting from the age of 5, she did the first Umrah at the age of 5, a girl who had never laid her feet on the ground bare feet all her life. What, my son is the son who does not sleep at night without pressing my feet, Jannat wakes me up at night and weeps and says, 'I have committed this sin today. Allah will not forgive me.'

The actress added, 'My son performed the first Umrah at the age of 3, he performed the second Umrah at the age of 5 and he grabbed the cover of the Ka'bah and cried so that everyone watching could cry, in the hearts of my children. Love exists. '

Javeria Saud asked hateful commenters, "Who are you to tell me I should repent?" Teaching me to repent of the Coronavirus? I am not afraid of the coronavirus, it only takes lives, I am afraid of cardiovascular and spiritual ailments, first eliminate these diseases inside me and then ask for corona protection. '

Referring to criticizing showbiz personalities, she said, "You will decide that the people of Showbiz are bad and everyone else is good?" If you criticize that Ramadan will come now, it will sit on the head with two sides, so wherever my Lord's name comes I will cover my head, sometimes say bad things to Nida Yasir's children and sometimes Ayza Khan Where do you make hateful comments on children so much?
The actress said that if she wanted, she would respond to the critics in the same way, but the difference between her and such people is that they are not abusing her.

In reference to her, Javeria Saud said, "I do not remember that I have ever missed a fast in my life, I have performed more than 16 Itikaf, 25 times more than the Holy Qur'an, with translation, I forgive all the people before going to bed at night;

At the end of her video, the actress hoped that such people would apologize to God and not hurt anyone in the future.

Remember that Javeria Saud married actor Saud in 2005.

Their daughter was born in 2007, and later in 2011, they had a son named Ibraheem.

Javeria Saud and Saud have been running their production company JJS since 2006.


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