Jada Pinkett Admits to Having an Extramarital Affair With a Middle-aged Man

Jada Pinkett Admits to Having an Extramarital Affair With a Middle-aged Man

Hollywood actress, singer, comedian and writer 48 years old Jada Pinkett Smith, has admitted that despite being married, she had an extramarital affair with a man half her age four years ago. According to the Associated Press (AP), Jada Pinkett made the confession while doing a live program on Facebook with her husband, Will Smith. The couple performed the unique program at a time when a few days ago, 27-year-old American singer August Al-Sina made several revelations in an interview about his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith.

August Alsina revealed in an interview that when she and Jada Pinkett, an actress twice her age, formed a relationship, she felt as if her husband had allowed Jada Pinkett to have an extramarital affair. The relationship between August Cena and Jada Pinkett Smith was established in 2016 when the actress separated from her husband. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith had been separated for some time due to some bitterness and problems and at that time there were rumours that the two would get divorced, but it did not happen.

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At the time of their separation, Jada Pinkett had established a relationship with half-aged man August Sina. At the time, Jada Pinkett was 44 years old, while August Cena was 23 years old and the two were seen together in public. August Alsina recently made a number of revelations about her relationship with Jada Pinket, one of which was that she felt that Jada Pinkit may have been allowed to have such a relationship by her husband himself. After August Alsina's interview, there was a lot of talk about Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, after which the couple came to Facebook and programmed and talked about all the speculations.

After August Alsina's interview, there were rumours that Jada Pinkett and Will Smith had a marriage in which both husband and wife were allowed to have sex with a third person. After such rumours, the two programmed together and rejected all such speculations. According to the AP, during the interview, Jada Pinkett Smith admitted that he had established a relationship with August Al-Sina.

The actress said that when she and her husband separated, she was very lonely and she was in trouble. Jada Pinkett Smith said she was relieved to have a relationship with August Alsina, but she flatly denied that her husband had allowed her to have such a relationship. Jada Pinkett said that if he had established a relationship with August Al-Sina, it would have been with his personal will and permission, but no one else would have allowed him to do so.


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