It Is Not Necessary for a Boy to Express Love Every Time, Sarwat Gilani

It Is Not Necessary for a Boy to Express Love Every Time, Sarwat Gilani

Actress Sarwat Gilani says that in the Pakistani drama and film industry, after the age of 30, girls are considered women, and they are not given heroin roles.

Talking to Meira Sethi on YouTube, Sarwat Gilani said that after the age of 30, women of Pakistani showbiz industry go to Mars in a way, because they are not given the role of heroin. Sarwat Gilani complained that in the Pakistani showbiz industry, girls are not given importance after 30 years and he wants to create stories for women who are over 30 years of age.

Talking about the attitudes of the Pakistani drama industry, the actress said that she was offered roles many times in which she had to fall in love with a Dewar or Jeth, but she deliberately refused to play such roles. According to Sarwat Gilani, instead of such topics, she wants to bring out the stories of women who are given examples in society. He went on to say that dramas do not usually address the issues of women over the age of 30, while women of such age have many problems.

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According to Sarwat Gilani, the problems of such women will come to the screen only when there is a woman writing or making the material and that is why she advises her fellow actresses to come in this field too. In response to a question, she said that she likes curious dramas and movies while she also likes horror movies because she wants to know how the thoughts run through the minds of criminals.

It is not necessary for a boy to express love every time

According to Sarwat Gilani, it should not be the case that every time a boy expresses love to a girl, invites her to dinner and praises her. She suggested that girls should also do all these things, at the same time she revealed that after marriage, she still does one thing every day that strengthens the relationship between her and her husband.

The actress also advised married women that they should tolerate and tolerate their husbands, as this allows husbands to live around their wives. Sarwat Gilani said that even if a woman is a wife, she will not be pampered by her husband, then there is a line of people outside. The actress spoke on the issue of feminism and said that although she is a champion of women's rights, she does not call herself a feminist and the reason is that the meaning of feminism is misunderstood in society.

He also said that men have a role to play in working for women's rights in Pakistan and many men are more feminist than women. In the second part of the interview, Gilani said that the patriarchal system is not just a problem of Pakistan, it is spread all over the world and at the same time it should be remembered that women need men to solve problems. Sarwat Gilani said that only men of our society will support us in solving the problems, therefore both men and women have their own role and the services of men should also be acknowledged.

The actress said that no space creatures from Mars or other planets would come to help the women but the men of their homes would help them. During the interview, the actress spoke not only about social issues but also about becoming a mother, including her career and married life, and said that they have been married for 6 years and have 2 children, but she feels that Less than a year has passed since their marriage.


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