Is there a separation between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

Is there a separation between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

American model, actress and businesswoman Kim Kardashian West and her husband, American rapper Kanye West, are currently quarantined at their home in Los Angeles.

However, there are reports that the relationship between the two has become so tense that they have started living in two separate parts of their house.

According to The Blast, after such reports came to light, there are six rumors among her fans that the couple may not separate.

According to reports these days, there are a lot of quarrels between Kim and Kanye West over children and household responsibilities.

Reports further say that Kim is not in the habit of staying at home at all, which makes her very angry during this time.
However, after spending a lot of time with the children, she also complains to her husband that he does not take good care of the children.


The couple got married in 2014, 
And that's why they've decided to live in separate rooms.

The report further claims that Kanye West is devoting too much time to any of its brands, which is why few are angry with them.
 Because they are not helping at all to take care of their four children, 6-year-old North, 4-year-old St., 2-year-old Chicago and 11-month-old Salem.

According to US Weekly, there have been a lot of quarrels between the two during the quarantine and Kanye West is angering with Kim.

No statement was made by the couple in this regard.

Kim is considered one of America's most successful models,
However, in the meantime, Kim has been posting many photos on her social media accounts in which she is seen in short dress. According to reports, Kanye West does not like to share photos on social media in which she is in short dress and therefore Reports of tensions between them also began to emerge.

Keep in mind that Kim Kardashian is studying law as well as modeling.

Kim Kardashian married music producer Dominic Thomas in 2000 at the age of 19, but they divorced in 2003.

Later in 2011, the actress married American basketball player Chris Humphries, but their marriage ended two years later.


Two of their four children were born through surrogacy,
Kim met her husband, Kanye West, in 2012, after which they became engaged. They were married in 2014.

Two of their four children were born through surrogacy.


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