Is the Actress Meera Admitted to Mental Hospital in America?

Is the Actress Meera Admitted to Mental Hospital in America?

Pakistani actress Meera, whose unique English-speaking videos have gone viral and she has been criticized for not speaking English properly. News is now circulating that she has been hospitalized in the United States after being declared mantel.  Yesterday, a private Pakistani channel reported that "doctors based in the United States have declared actress Meera insane and she has been admitted to a mental hospital."

The private channel also reported that actress Meera's mother had appealed to the government for help. After which the news went viral that the Pakistani actress had gone to the United States and during this time the doctors admitted her to the mental hospital as her mental health was not good. The viral reports claimed that the actress had contracted a fever after being vaccinated against corona, for which she talked to a doctor but was declared insane for speaking wrong English in front of the doctors.

In addition, the report of The News, quoting the private channel Dunya News, said that the actress Meera had claimed during this time that she was given a protocol by the Prime Minister, so a good attitude should be maintained with her. According to the report, after hearing the claims of the actress, the doctor called the mental health experts and she allegedly stayed in a mental psychiatric center for 2 days.

Actress Meera's mother Shafqat Zahra Bukhari also released a video statement regarding her alleged entry into an insane asylum in which she confirmed the incident. My mother said in a video statement that she had spoken to me on April 5, "her daughter called and said, 'Amy John, someone has put me in a lunatic asylum.'

"I told her she kept screaming that she was not mantel, but she was taken away and the doctors said they would take some tests," she said. Actress Meera's mother has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to rescue her daughter. My daughter is not mantel, she is my only support in this world.

"I tried to contact me again but all my numbers were blocked," she added.

In a video statement, the actress' mother appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for help and said, "Recover my daughter and call her back to Pakistan." Following the news circulating on media and social media since yesterday and the statement of her mother, actress Meera has rejected all these news and said that she has not been admitted to the mental hospital.

Speaking to, actress Meera denied that she was in any in-law hospital in the United States. He strongly denied that false and baseless news should be spread against me. "I am not being given a job in the showbiz industry. I am also being cut off from the Ramadan transmission. I am not being given a job in TV commercials either. An ad agency is constantly propagandizing against me," Meera said.

The actress further said that despite my film being a super hit film, conspiracies are being hatched against me in showbiz. Meera appealed to the media not to spread news against them without any confirmation. Meera said she arrived in New York from Dubai on March 27 and her father-in-law, Raja Khalid Pervez, had arranged for her to be vaccinated against corona.

Meera called me this morning to clarify it to all of our media/social media that she is perfectly fine and there is...

Posted by Imran Abbas on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Actress Meera said that she got vaccinated from Brooklyn Hospital in New York and said that all the news including calling her insane is baseless. Besides, a screenshot of a Facebook post by the name of actor Imran Abbas is also circulating on social media, according to which Meera spoke to Imran Abbas this morning and he is fine. However, the screenshot and the account attributed to it could not be verified, while there are no such posts on Imran Abbas's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.



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