Is it possible to read emotion from the face?

Is it possible to read emotion from the face?

Do you look at people's faces and try to understand their emotions? If so, stop doing it because it's nothing short of stupid.

This was revealed in a US medical study.

Ohio State University research suggests that facial expressions are probably not a reliable means of assessing emotions, but more accurately, an individual's face should never be trusted.

As you know, we associate smiles on the face with joy while sadness or anger and react accordingly.

Researchers say that our question was, can we really detect emotions by facial expressions? And the answer was, no, you can't.

Researchers developed computer algorithms that could analyze facial expressions and compare the movement of facial problems with that of a person.

The results showed that it is almost always wrong to assess or determine emotions with facial expressions.

Researchers said that under the context and cultural background of each situation, different faces show different impressions, and it is important to realize that not everyone is smiling, not necessarily happy, not every smile is a smile of happiness. Rather, we want to say that people who do not smile, do not necessarily be unhappy.

"It is also true that sometimes people's smiles are the result of social pressure, which is basically not a problem," he said.

"Some people claim they can see face to face whether someone has committed a crime, or whether the students are focusing on the class," he said. Wrong, there is no means by which you can determine such matters, as it can be dangerous.

They say that by being deceived by facial expressions, people do not know the true feelings or intentions of the other person and may make wrong decisions about that person's future or ability.

Research has shown that when you experience an emotion, our brain releases hormones that change blood and blood coagulation and change the colour of the face during the process. Knowing the colour of this can help in this regard.

Researchers say that the body also gives signals such as body style or pose may play an important role in this regard.


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