Iran's 'Angelina Jolie' infected with Coronavirus

Iran's 'Angelina Jolie' infected with Coronavirus

Posted on Apr 19, 2020

Iranian woman Sahar Tabar, who became a horrible copy of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie on Instagram, fell victim to the Coronavirus in prison.

According to a US Broadcasting CNN report, Sahar Tabar's lawyer told the media that his client's jail had deteriorated after she was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Sahar Tabar's lawyer Pam Durfashan shared on Instagram a letter from Iran's head of the judiciary named Ibrahim Raisi in which he requested apology on behalf of his client.

In his letter, he wrote that "Sahar Tabar was a teenager when her arrest warrants were issued, now she is a victim of Coronavirus in jail".

Sahar's lawyer also told the media that after his client was diagnosed with Corona, her condition was very poor and she was shifted to a ventilator at Sinai Hospital.

According to the lawyer, he requested the judges several times to reduce his sentence in view of Sahar Tabar's case, but his request was rejected.

Remember that Sahar Tabar was detained in 2019 on orders from a Tehran-led court.

The woman was detained on charges of blasphemy, inciting violence, earning illegal sources and encouraging corruption in youth.

Sahar Tabar became famous a few years ago when she shared a horrible copy of Angelina Jolie on Instagram.

According to the report, the woman was detained on suspicion by the people and her Instagram account has since been deleted.

On Instagram, the woman shared photos of the unconscious face, jaw-dropping bones, strange lips, crooked cheeks and raised nose that went viral.

It was then thought that Sahar had done several cosmetic surgeries, but it was later revealed that most of the photos were heavily edited.


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