Iqra Aziz's new drama serial 'Jhooti' on married women

Iqra Aziz's new drama serial 'Jhooti' on married women

Posted on Jan 6, 2020

Iqra Aziz's new drama serial 'Jhooti' on married women
Recently, the teaser of 2 short-lived teasers of Iqra Aziz's upcoming comedy 'Jhooti', tied in marriage, went viral.

The 'jhooti' has been subjected to a lot of criticism for the story after 'mere pas tum ho' and many have accused the play of misrepresenting a major issue of Pakistani society.

The full story of the drama is difficult to understand given the 2 short teasers that came out with 'lies', however, it seems that the play's story is about domestic violence against married women and the lies are spoken by women in these incidents. Based on

A teaser depicts the main cast of the play, Iqra Aziz and Ahmed Ali Butt, which also depict the marriage of the two.

In the second short teaser, only Iqra Aziz is shown portraying 'domestic violence' in front of the glass in the house.

The teaser shows how after marriage, Iqra Aziz laughs maliciously while trying to dramatize domestic violence against her shop husband and in-laws.

The teaser was widely criticized by the fans and the drama team was accused of misrepresenting Pakistan's most important and serious issue.

Many fans on Twitter also criticized Iqra Aziz for playing a central role in the aforementioned drama and dramatizing domestic violence against women, saying that he did not expect that the main issue was wrong. Will play a role in the style presented.

Many Twitter users have said that displaying domestic violence as 'Jhooti' in a 'Jhooti' manner is misrepresenting an important and serious issue in the country and that people will blame the women in this regard. 


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