Iqra Aziz's Lap Dupatta Containing '100 Prayers'

Iqra Aziz's Lap Dupatta Containing '100 Prayers'

Posted on May 4, 2021

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz, who tied the knot in 2019, announced yesterday that they will soon become parents. Sharing photos of the baby shower, Iqra Aziz had said that a little guest was expected to visit him in July. On this special occasion, Iqra Aziz wore a unique dress designed by designer Fahad Hussain which was specially embroidered with flowers and Urdu script.

Fahad Hussain said Iqra Aziz had contacted her while she was preparing for her baby shower.

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"I'm glad they're having a baby shower instead of a Western-style baby shower," she said.

"Iqra Aziz told me she wanted to wear something she could give to her baby later and we started working on an idea again," the designer said.

Fahad Hussain said that he had asked Iqra to bring a list of 100 prayers which he had prepared with the help of Yasir and his mother. He then made 100 different flowers and embroidered them with prayers. According to Fahad Hussain, "these prayers are his wishes for his own child. If she has a daughter, she will give him a dowry and if she has a son, she will give it to her daughter-in-law."

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The list also includes some advice that 'knowledge is the greatest wealth', 'do good to people and people will do good to you. Iqra Aziz wore this special dupatta with simple pashwas and chiffon garland on which the work of true gote was done. He said that Iqra Aziz had said that I should choose the color of the dress myself, we had worked together recently and maybe he had faith in my choice.

Iqra Aziz had worked in Fahad Hussain's fashion music video 'My Couple' this year. He said that when Iqra Aziz's video was shot, she was optimistic. Fahad Hussain said, "I am very happy for him, he is a very good person and this is a very happy time for him."

According to the designer, "she may be at the peak of her career, but she is also giving priority to her family."

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"I think the coronavirus has made us realize the importance of family more than anything else," he said.


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